EISBRECHER - EIszeit (2-LP-turquoise Vinyl)

EISBRECHER - EIszeit (2-LP-turquoise Vinyl)
EISBRECHER - EIszeit (2-LP-turquoise Vinyl)
Band: Eisbrecher
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Release Date: 06/Dec/2013
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EISBRECHER - EIszeit (2-LP-turquoise Vinyl)

In 2002 an unexpected Ice Age chilly intoxicated the world of music. After having divided from his former band Megaherz because of artistical differences, singer and mastermind Alexander „Alexx“ Wesselsky (lyrics/vocals) and sound-engineer, DJ and ex-member of Megaherz, Noel Pix alias Jochen Seibert (composition/keyboard, guitar, producer), founded the industrial dark-electro rock band Eisbrecher to aim for music far beyond all usual Metal clichees – modern electro Trip-Rock. Emotional, honest, forthright – no compromises. Based on electro programming, Alexx and Noel fulfil their musical vision of interesting songs: diverse, clothed in beats modern and danceable.

2010 the band succeeds to enter the German Top 5 album charts with their release “Eiszeit”.
Now the album will be released as 500-units limited LP-edition with a number of bonus tracks.


Side A:
1.    Böse Mädchen
2.    Eiszeit
3.    Bombe

Side B:
4.    Gothkiller (vs. Roberto Vitacca)
5.    Die Engel
6.    Segne deinen Schmerz

Side C:
7.    Amok
8.    Dein Weg
9.    Supermodel
10.    Der Hauch des Lebens

Side D Bonus:
11.    Segne deinen Schmerz (SITD-Remix)
12.    Eiskalt erwischt (Best of Bonus)
13.    Amok (Renegade of Noise-Remix)


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