Emil Bulls - Sacrifice To Venus

Emil Bulls - Sacrifice To Venus
Emil Bulls - Sacrifice To Venus
Band: Emil Bulls
Product Code: AFM 5082
Release Date: 08/Aug/2014
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Emil Bulls - Sacrifice To Venus

Finally after three years, the guys of EMIL BULLS release their new studio album SACRIFICE TO VENUS!

With a new record company, new sound and a new album the masters of Alternative Metal come back to business – and also to their roots. “Sacrifice to Venus” sounds like the good old times. Imperious, energetic, atmospheric but also melodic and emotional: no matter if  “The Bulls” party with their “Pants Down”, which will be the first single, - a song hearing you imagine some guys totally hammered in their rehearsal room. Or if singer Christoph reveals his beautiful voice and praises the feeling of the broken heart syndrome on “Dear Sadness”. The second single “I Wanna Feel You“, coming on August 08, is a really catchy alternative rock song. The fans agree: It is time that EMIL BULLS come back with a new album!


  1. The Grave
  2. Hearteater
  3. Pants Down
  4. I Wanna Feel You
  5. Rainbows and Butterflies
  6. The Way of the Warrior
  7. The Reckoning
  8. The Age of Revolution
  9. Sacrifice to Venus
  10. Gone Baby Gone
  11. Man Or Mouse
  12. Keep On Dreaming
  13. Behind the Sun

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