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RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Live - From Chaos To Eternity (3-LP)

RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Live - From Chaos To Eternity (3-LP)
Band: Rhapsody Of Fire
Product Code: AFM 4051
Release Date: 03/May/2013
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RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Live - From Chaos To Eternity (3-LP)

With this first double live album in the history of the band, mastermind Alex Staropoli not only fulfilled a dream for himself but also one for all the fans out there, around the world. Although its focus lies on the latest studio album “From Chaos To Eternity”, these live recordings have a lot more to offer and clearly show what the name RHAPSODY OF FIRE stands for – energetic, hymnic Metal that no other band plays with such perfection. The 2-CD-Set includes songs from the beginning of this exceptional band until now and also gives every member the chance to show their virtuosity. A must have for fans and collectors!

Symphonic Power Metal

full color Gatefold 3-Vinyl

Side A
01.Dark Mystic Vision
02.Ad Infinitum
03.From Chaos To Eternity
04.Triumph Or Agony

Side B
01.I Belong To The Stars
02.The Dark Secret
03.Unholy Warcry
04.Lost In Cold Dreams

Side C
01.Land Of Immortals
02.Aeons Of Raging Darkness
03.Dark Reign Of Fire
04.Drum Solo

Side D
01.The March Of The Swordmaster
02.Dawn Of Victory
03.Toccata On Bass
04.The Village Of Dwarves

Side E
01.The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream
02.Holy Thunderforce
03.Reign Of Terror
04.Knightrider Of Doom

Side F
01.Epicus Furor
02.Emerald Sword
03.Erian's Lost Secrets
04.The Splendour Of Angels’ Glory (A Final Revelation)

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