VARIOUS ARTISTS - Blood Ceremonies (DVD/CD Set)

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  • 10/21/2011
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  • Various Artists
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Outstanding collection of songs and videos from the darker side of Metal: orthodox Black... more
Product information "VARIOUS ARTISTS - Blood Ceremonies (DVD/CD Set)"

Outstanding collection of songs and videos from the darker side of Metal: orthodox Black Metal, Occult Rock, oldschool Death Metal and extreme Metal with a touch of Doom. Featuring some of the biggest bands in the scene(s): WATAIN, THE DEVIL’S BLOOD, MORBID ANGEL, BOLT THROWER, MOONSORROW & DARKTHRONE.

Death / Black Metal

full colour 16-sided booklet
full colour 6-sided digipak
full colour CD print


01. Morbid Angel "Existo Vulgore"
02. Watain "Reaping Death"
03. Ofermod "Death Cantata"
04. The Devil's Blood "Christ or Cocaine"
05. Facebreaker "Epidemic"
06. Nachtmystium "Addicts"
07. Necros Christos "Succumbed to Sarkum Phagum"
08. Deicide "To Hell with God"
09. Sonne Adam "Take Me Back to Where I Belong"
10. Helrunar "Älter als das Kreuz"
11. Blut Aus Nord "Epitone II"
12. Bolt Thrower "Mercenary"
13. Moonsorrow "Unohduksen Lapsi"

1. Behemoth "Ov Fire and the Void"
2. Triptykon "Shatter"
3. My Dying Bride "Bring Me Victory"
4. Primordial "Gods to the Godless"
5. Dismember "Override of the Overture"
6. Rev 16:8 "Flame Salvation"
7. Carpathian Forest "Black Shining Leather"
8. Taake "Umenneske"
9. Darkthrone "Too Old Too Cold"
10. Negura Bunget "Tesarul De Lumini"
11. Helheim "Dualitet og Ulver"
12. Todtgelichter "Café of Lost Dreams"
13. Urfaust "Das Kind mit dem Spiegel"
14. Hell "Blasphemy and the Master"

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