THE NEW BLACK - III: Cut Loose (Digipak)

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  • 15.03.2013
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„III: Cut Loose“ is the title of the new album by Germany‘s heavy rockers THE NEW BLACK. This... mehr
Produktinformationen "THE NEW BLACK - III: Cut Loose (Digipak)"

„III: Cut Loose“ is the title of the new album by Germany‘s heavy rockers THE NEW BLACK. This record finds the band finetuning their signature style while keeping heaviness and catchiness fully intact. Mixing duties were handled by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Pretty Maids) who commented: "These guys completely floored me with their stylish mix of both modern metal and vintage rock 'n' roll. This is a band that could get big if things are done the right way!"

Heavy Rock

full color 6-sided digipak
full color 16-sided booklet
full color CD print

limited first edition Digipak includes five bonus tracks!!!

01.Innocence & Time
02.Count Me In
03.Muzzle & Blinkers
04.Superhuman Mission
05.Cut Loose
06.Any Colour You Like (As Long As It’s Black)
07.Burning D
08.Not Quite That Simple
10.The Unexpected Truth
11.One Thing I Know

Bonus – First Edition
13.Vein Of Silver
14.Stuck (Suburban End Of Luck) [Acoustic]
15.The Worst [Acoustic]
16.Tightrope [Acoustic]
17.Burning D [Acoustic]

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