A LIFE DIVIDED - The Great Escape

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  • 18.01.2013
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  • A Life Divided
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On their new album “The Great Escape” A LIFE DIVIDED will bring you songs that are about the... mehr
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On their new album “The Great Escape” A LIFE DIVIDED will bring you songs that are about the topic “escape” and its many faces. – The foundation for it, are catchy and rousing rock songs with electronic elements to underline the atmosphere and show where the band’s roots are. This is not only a statement by the band but also their way of discovering new musical territories.
"The Great Escape" is an adult, honest and authentic piece of music that touches the listener once more to the quick: "I believe that everyone of us made experiences with escapes in our lives at some point." says vocalist Jürgen “JP” Plangger. "Many people think of themselves in captivity - whether it’s social pressures or things that you imposed on yourself... and who of us hasn’t thought of simply breaking free from all that. Be it relationships, jobs, daily routine or society. Some of us are even forced, by their environment or their personal circumstances, into a situation from which they can’t free themselves. But regardless of how the personal fate is - Each of us has this desire to leave everything behind and start from scratch. "

Electro/Gothic Rock

full color 6-sided digipak
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01.The Lost
02.It Ain't Good
03.Clouds Of Glass
04.The Last Dance
05.Game Over
07.Perfect Day (feat. Lord Of The Lost)
08.Foreign Rain
09.Wait For Me
11.On The Edge
13.If You Want To

14.The Last Dance (Eisbrecher Mix)

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