SHAKRA - Back On Track

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  • 25.02.2011
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  • Shakra
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On the 8th record "Back On Track"  SHAKRA kept true to themselves especially in one aspect.... mehr
Produktinformationen "SHAKRA - Back On Track"

On the 8th record "Back On Track"  SHAKRA kept true to themselves especially in one aspect. The incredibly high standard of the successful predecessors is easily outranged again. The crystal clear, warm but powerful sound was – just like every SHAKRA record – sublimely produced by guitarist Thom Blunier in his own Powerride Stuido. The exceedingly tight riffs, the merciless precision of the rhythm section and last but not least, the new singer John Prakesh and his variable voice which gives SHAKRA the chance maybe for the first time to win a really broad audience. 

Hard Rock

full colour 16-sided booklet 
full colour CD print 
full colour inlay card 
standard jewel case 


01. B True B You 
02. I'll Be 
03. Crazy 
04. Back On Track 
05. When I See You 
07. Yesterday's Gone 
08. Someday 
09. Lonesomeness 
10. Unspoken Truth 
11. Brand New Day 
12. Stronger Than Ever

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