SULLY ERNA - Avalon Box Set

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  • SULLYBOX_001
  • 05.07.2013
  • 884860113946
  • Sully Erna
ATTENTION: As the "cabinet"-box has seemingly always some smaller defects or cracks or is... mehr
Produktinformationen "SULLY ERNA - Avalon Box Set"

ATTENTION: As the "cabinet"-box has seemingly always some smaller defects or cracks or is drawn a bit, we decided to lower the price. All stuff insterted is in perfect condition and complete!

The Ultimate Deluxe Box Set by Godsmack frontman, Sully Erna. This box set includes 5 DVDs, 2 CDs, a Coffee Table Book, Sully's Autobiography- "The Paths We Choose", a collectable backstage pass from the 2011 tour, autographed poster, guitar pick, hand chosen incense by Sully, hat, t-shirt (size large), necklace in a custom, individually numbered, limited edition box. Only 5000 were made and once they are sold, they will never be made again.

Alternative Metal

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Great addition for Sully Erna/Godsmack Fans

I´m a huge fan of Godsmack and Sully Erna solo albums. With the current price (49,99 €), I didn´t have any excuse not to buy this box. And I´m very happy with the purshase.
- Byuing and shipping went very smooth (2 days delivery).
- Like mentioned in the description: The box might have a deformity/crack but the contents is complete and in perfect condition!
- The Book: "The Path we choose" which I coudn´t find in book stores (at least in Germany) is included.
I would recommend this box to every fan!

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