ORDEN OGAN - To The End (Ltd.Digi/DVD)

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  • 26.10.2012
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  • Orden Ogan
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German melodic metal masters ORDEN OGAN will release their third album "To The End" on October... mehr
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German melodic metal masters ORDEN OGAN will release their third album "To The End" on October 26th. And what a killer it is! Like in the past, on their releases "Vale" (2208) and "Easton Hope" (2010), the band plays a sound influenced by German Heavy Metal legends like Blind Guardian, Running Wild and Gamma Ray but they add their very own flavors to it. At the latest with their „Easton Hope“ release (2010), ORDEN OGAN belong amongst  the most creative and strong bands of Europe. This reputation on the line now, they have exceeded themselves with “To The End” – their new Magnum Opus – a monument of Metal.

Melodic Power Metal

full color 6-sided digipack
full color 16-sided booklet
full color CD print

Extra Bonus DVD with their live performance at the Wacken Festival 2010!

01.The Frozen Few
02.To The End
03.The Things We Believe In
04.Land Of The Dead
05.The Ice Kings
06.Till The Stars Cry Out
07.This World Of Ice
08.Dying Paradise
09.The Mystic Symphony
10.Angels War
11.Take This Light

Bonus Tracks
13.The Battle Of Waterloo

Live In Wacken 2012 (app. 70 Min.)

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