PURE INC. - A New Day's Dawn

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  • AFM_1042
  • 27.01.2006
  • 4046661009422
  • Pure Inc.
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With their second album “A New Day’s Dawn” they prove that they have gained a lot of maturity,... mehr
Produktinformationen "PURE INC. - A New Day's Dawn"

With their second album “A New Day’s Dawn” they prove that they have gained a lot of maturity, routine and snappiness since their self-titled debut. Pure Inc. compounded on this album all their experiences with the energy of their young age and their enthusiasm for music and indicate that they’re ready for the next step in their career.


full color 8-sided booklet
full color CD print
full color inlay card
standard jewel case


01. Saviour
02. Break Free
03. Blvd. Jam
04. I'm A Rolling Stone
05. Burst
06. Skinflint
07. I'll Let You Know
08. The Things You Left On Me
09. Sick As I Am
10. Where's Your God
11. Crawling
12. New Day Dawn

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