LILLIAN AXE - The Days Before Tomorrow

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  • 27.01.2012
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  • Lillian Axe
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Although Lillian Axe has been through some tough times and taken the long road they still create... mehr
Produktinformationen "LILLIAN AXE - The Days Before Tomorrow"

Although Lillian Axe has been through some tough times and taken the long road they still create new music that is both relevant and exciting and continue to tour while others have forsaken the live performances.  Lillian Axe respects its past but looks forward to the future by reinventing themselves with the current times. Steve Blaze reflects, “I continue to learn about writing songs, recording, performing and growing as a complete human being. My life experiences are those that make its way into the songs I write for Lillian Axe.” The fire and passion still burns in Lillian Axe and maybe even brighter today as their eleventh album, “XI: The Days before Tomorrow” makes its way out to the world. Brian Jones states, “I’m just getting started and I look forward to the days ahead and the adventures that are coming our way.”

Heavy Metal 

standard jewel case
full colour inlay card 
full colour 12-sided booklet 
full colour CD print 


01. Babylon 
02. Death Comes Tomorrow 
03. Gather Up The Snow 
04. The Great Divide 
05. Take The Bullet 
06. Bow Your Head 
07. Caged In 
08. Soul Disease 
09. Lava On My Tongue 
10. My Apologies 
11. Angels Among Us (European Bonus)

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