MOB RULES - Cannibal Nation (Ltd. Digi)

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  • AFM_4179
  • 19.10.2012
  • 884860064729
  • Mob Rules
  • 1
Doubts that the title “Cannibal Nation” could be deceptive for fans of a band that is playing a... mehr
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Doubts that the title “Cannibal Nation” could be deceptive for fans of a band that is playing a sound, crossing the borders between the edge of Rock, Power Metal and Prog therefore, never became a huge factor...
Dirks: “When a band keeps up with its style of music as we do, with seven albums behind us, we don’t really see any danger in doing that. Our fans wouldn’t think that we’ve now turned towards an extreme metal direction. Mob Rules always stood for deeply melodic songs and a rockin’-metallic attitude. Any album from this band should always question, and the title should always be accepted as provocative, right? We’ve done it before, and we’ll continue to do it.”

Melodic Metal

full color 16-sided booklet
full color CD print

01.Close My Eyes
03.Tele Box Fool
04.Ice & Fire
05.Soldiers Of Fortune
06.The Sirens
07.Scream For The Sun (May 29th, 1953)
08.Cannibal Nation

10. Children Of The Flames (Live In Atlanta)

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