NIGHTMARE - Cosmovision (Re-Release)

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NIGHTMARE was founded in 1979 and released their debut album "Waiting For The Twilight" 1984.... mehr
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NIGHTMARE was founded in 1979 and released their debut album "Waiting For The Twilight" 1984. "Power Of The Universe" was released the next year and should initially be the last sign of life of the band, as it shortly afterwards, due to musical differences, broke up. In 1999 the time had come for a fresh start. This was done with vocalist Jo Amore, who left his position as drummer in the band and from then on acted as a front man. The drumsticks were handed to Jo’s brother David. In the form of an EP ("Astral Deliverance") and the release of the reunion concert of 1999 ("DeLIVErance") NIGHTMARE made clear: we are back!.
With “Cosmovision" the first studio album since the reunion, the highly-anticipated  next studio album was released in 2001. Typical trademark of NIGHTMARE from Reunion 1999, the entire album through is the executive, apocalyptic mood. Slightly thrashy power riffs and bloodcurdling voice of Jo Amore do the rest to complete the sound picture.

Power Metal

full color 12-sided booklet
full color CD print
standard jewel case

Redesigned booklet and a total of six bonus tracks
Bonus tracks include the remastered version of the “Astral Deliverance” EP & the song “War Addict”, which has been previously unreleased and also remastered

01.Roads To Nazca
03.Corridors Of Knowledge
04.Spirits Of The Sunset
05.The Church
06.Behold The Nighttime
08.The Cemetary Road
09.Kill For The New Messiah
10.The Spiral Of Madness
11.Last Flight To Sirius
12.Riddle In The Ocean

13.War Addict (prev. unreleased)

Astral Deliverance EP:
14.Astral Deliverance
15.The Legend
16.Heart Of Fire
17.Princess Of The Rising Sun
18.Howlers Of Insanity

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