ATHORN - Phobia

ATHORN - Phobia
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  • 17.09.2010
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  • Athorn
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On September 17th ATHORN´s official debut “Phobia”, which was recorded and mixed in Waveland... mehr
Produktinformationen "ATHORN - Phobia"

On September 17th ATHORN´s official debut “Phobia”, which was recorded and mixed in Waveland Studios in June and July, will be released through AFM Records.

Heavy Metal

The album thematically deals with human fears and phobias. And also the metal world should really pay attention: With ATHORN a high explosive newcomer is on its way, whith a perfect mixture of grooving rhythms, monolithic riffs, sophisticated sound structures and thrilling guitar work which reminds on a modern and developed version of old Sanctuary or Nevermore.

full color 16-sided booklet 
full color CD print 
full color inlay card 
standard jewel case 


01. Angel Of The Fall
02. Emperor Of Ruins
03. Humanize The Demon
04. Phobia – Prologue
05. Phobia
06. After The End
07. A Matter Of Time
08. From Beyond
09. The Ferryman
10. Schizophrenia

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