TANKARD - Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live (DVD)

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  • AFM_0978
  • 24.09.2005
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  • Tankard
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The choice of the bonus material was diaphoretic as well. 25 years by now are lots of lolly. And... mehr
Produktinformationen "TANKARD - Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live (DVD)"

The choice of the bonus material was diaphoretic as well. 25 years by now are lots of lolly. And in so many years quite much video material aggregates – more than 180 hours of old video footage from which the TANKARDS finally chose about 2 hours which were worthy enough to be on the DVD.
Presented on this Double DVD are, among others, all video clips of the band and also very rare and not published material from their side project “Tankwart” which will surely cause a lot of smiles and laughs. So indulge in it. Cheers!                                                                        

Trash Metal

full color booklet
full color DVD print
full color inlay card
standart DVD case

exclusiv Photo Gallery
exclusiv interviews and much much more...


01. Need Money For Beer (Live Video On DVD)
02. The Morning After (Live Video On DVD)
03. Zombie Attack (Live Video On DVD)
04. Slipping From Reality (Live Video On DVD)
05. Minds On The Moon (Live Video On DVD)
06. Beermuda (Live Video On DVD)
07. New Liver Please (Live Video On DVD)
08. Maniac Forces (Live Video On DVD)
09. Queen Of Hearts (Live Video On DVD)
10. Die With A Beer In Your Hand (Live Video On DVD)
11. Nation Over Nation (Live Video On DVD)
12. Dancing On Our Grave (Live Video On DVD)
13. Alcohol (Live Video On DVD)
14. Don't Panic (Live Video On DVD)
15. Space Beer (Live Video On DVD)
16. Rectifier (Live Video On DVD)
17. Hope? (Live Video On DVD)
18. Beyond The Pubyard (Live Video On DVD)
19. We're Coming Back (Live Video On DVD)
20. Chemical Invasion (Live Video On DVD)
21. Poison (Live Video On DVD)
22. Alien (Live Video On DVD)
23. Freibier (Live Video On DVD)
24. Empty Tankard (Live Video On DVD)
25. The Morning After (Videoclip On DVD)
26. Space Beer (Videoclip On DVD)
27. Minds On The Moon (Videoclip On DVD)
28. Tanze Samba Mit Mir (Videoclip On DVD)

13 outtake clips

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