MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - ...and Death said live

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  • AFM_4202
  • 14.12.2012
  • 884860069823
  • Mors Principium Est
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 “… and Death said live” is the title of this fourth output by the band around vocalist... mehr
Produktinformationen "MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - ...and Death said live"

 “… and Death said live” is the title of this fourth output by the band around vocalist Ville Viljanen. This record is without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases of the scene and nearly no other band has managed to capture the sound and charm of the “Gothenburg metal scene” like MORS PRINCIPIUM EST do.
But rather than just copying it the band followed their own instincts to create something unique, apart from any musically trends or frantic progressions from one record to another. Listening to their new album you’ll come to realize, they haven’t changed this line of approach – on the contrary: “… and Death said live” puts forward impressive musicianship. Just take the rapid drums, highly melodic and fast paced guitarwork or decent keyboards to accentuate the mood of each song. Last but not least vocalist Ville is at his best and presents the whole extent of his voice, this time more intense than ever.

Melodic Death Metal

full color 12-sided booklet
full color CD print
standard jewel case

01.The Awakening
03.I Will Return
04.Birth Of The Starchild
05.Bringer Of Light
07....And Death Said Live
08.Destroyer Of All
09.What The Future Holds?
10.The Meadows Of Asphodel
11.Dead Winds Of Hope

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