EKTOMORF - Black Flag

EKTOMORF - Black Flag
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  • 31.08.2012
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  • Ektomorf
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Hungarian neo thrash masters EKTOMORF are back on the front! After their “The Acoustic” album,... mehr
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Hungarian neo thrash masters EKTOMORF are back on the front! After their “The Acoustic” album, the band now returns with their next heavy release. “To make ‘The Acoustic’ album was a great experience for EKTOMORF. I’m still very happy with what we created and I want to thank all EKTOMORF fans for supporting us. But now with the new album we go back to the heavy stuff. The tons-of-bricks sound that is typical EKTOMORF, but with some surprises here and there”, says the band’s leader Zoli Farkas.


full color 16-sided booklet
full color CD print

Bonus Track
"The Pretender" Foo Fighters Cover

01.War Is My Way
03.The Cross
04.Cut It Out
05.Black Flag
06.Private Hell
07.12 Angels
09.Fuck Your God
10.Never Surrender
11.Sick Love
12.Feel Like This
13.Kill It

14.The Pretender (Foo Fighters Cover)

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