NAZARETH - Rock N Roll Telephone - Limited 2-CD Boxset Edition

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NAZARETH - Rock N Roll Telephone - Limited 2-CD Boxset Edition Limited Box Set Edition of... mehr
Produktinformationen "NAZARETH - Rock N Roll Telephone - Limited 2-CD Boxset Edition"

NAZARETH - Rock N Roll Telephone - Limited 2-CD Boxset Edition
Limited Box Set Edition of Nazareth´s 2014 album "Rock N Roll Telephone"!
Limited to 1,000 copies world-wide!

The limited Box Set is a 46cm tall custom-made telephone box, made of rigid cardboard, which should form the centerpiece of every Nazareth fan’s collection. The telephone box is decorated with logos and graffiti, and behind the door (which opens and closes with a magnet) the box contains the Deluxe 2CD version of the album as well as enough room to house the complete Nazareth album catalogue.

The Scots’ first album since 2011 will probably be the last to feature the gritty vocals of singer-extraordinaire Dan McCafferty, who has now decided to leave the band for health reasons.
Since 1968 Dan McCafferty, Pete Agnew and their bandmates have rocked stages world-wide, sold over 30 million albums, and – together with bands like Deep Purple or Uriah Heep – were a driving force in the history of hard rock.

The brand new album contains 11 tracks which the band recorded in their ‘spiritual home’ in Dunfermline, Scotland. The album opens with two storming rockers, ‘Boom Bang Bang’ and ‘One Set Of Bones’, and also contains two great rock ballads in the band’s own inimitable style: ‘Winter Sunlight’ and ‘The Right Time’. The remaining tracks deliver what their loyal fan base loves – some of the finest hard rock tracks the band has produced in many years. The album closes with a track some may recognize from last winter: ‘God Of The Mountain’ (the offical team song of the Austria Ski Team 2013).

"When we began working on R&R Telephone we had no idea that it might be Dan’s last album with the band, so to have this record turn out so fantastically well has been a real delight. The band had not recorded a full album in Scotland for many a year, and to do so in a studio close to our ‘spiritual home’ of Dunfermline felt really great. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the studio during the sessions, and we think that this shows in the performances.
This is an album that will remain in our hearts and minds for a long time. Enjoy!”
- Nazareth, February 2014

The Deluxe 2CD in the Box Set contains the 11 tracks of the new album, plus 7 bonus tracks on CD2: ‘Just A Ride’, ‘Wanna Feel Good?’ as well as 5 live tracks from 2000, 2006 and 2008.

Double CD
Disc 1
1. Boom Bang Bang
2. One Set of Bones
3. Back 2B4
4. Winter Sunlight
5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Telephone
6. Punch A Hole In The Sky
7. Long Long Time
8. The Right Time
9. Not Today
10. Speakeasy
11. God of The Mountain

Disc 2
1. Just A Ride
2. Wanna Feel Good?
3. Big Boy (Live - previously unreleased)
4. Kentucky Fried Blues (Live - previously unreleased)
5. Sunshine (Live - previously unreleased)
6. Expect No Mercy (Live - previously unreleased)
7. God Saved The South (Live - previously unreleased)

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