ELVENKING - Reader Of The Runes: Divination - Digipak-CD

ELVENKING - Reader Of The Runes: Divination - Digipak-CD
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  • AFM_7139
  • 08/30/2019
  • 884860276320
  • Elvenking
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ELVENKING - Reader Of The Runes: Divination - Digipak-CD Genre: Folk Power Metal For Fans Of:... more
Product information "ELVENKING - Reader Of The Runes: Divination - Digipak-CD"

ELVENKING - Reader Of The Runes: Divination - Digipak-CD
Genre: Folk Power Metal
For Fans Of: Skyclad, Helloween, Equilibrium, Falconer

Considering the impressive history of ELVENKING, there is no chance to deny it: The Italian Folk Power Metal band belongs to the most important and unique bands of the scene. Founded in 1997, the musicians soon made their way and established themselves among the leading acts of Europa when it comes to powerful Metal music with Folk and Pagan influences.
In 2019, the band releases their next and tenth masterpiece: “Reader Of The Runes – Divination”. The concept album is an adventurous journey into a mystic world of runes, magic and ancient powers far away from the visible.
But not only the overwhelming concept makes „Reader Of The Runes – Divination“ the maybe most epic album ELVENKING ever recorded. Musically it is definitely an album that breathes freshness while still being totally loyal to the unique sound of the band.
With „Reader Of The Runes – Divination“, ELVENKING started a completely new chapter in the band’s existence and opened a new world to their fans and listeners. Let the story begin – the power of the runes and the mysteries of divination are waiting for you!

01    Perthro
02    Heathen Divine
03    Divination
04    Silverseal 
05    The Misfortune Of Virtue
06    Eternal Eleanor
07    Diamonds In The Night
08    Under The Sign Of A Black Star
09    Malefica Doctrine 
10    Sic Semper Tyrannis 
11    Warden Of The Bane
12    Reader Of The Runes – Book I

- Tenth studio album by Italian veteran folk/power metal band ELVENKING
- "Reader Of The Runes - Divination" is the beginning of a saga that will range over three albums
- Excellent mix by Dan Swanö (Katatonia, Marduk, Opeth)
- Mastering by Tony Lindgren (Amorphis, Dragonforce, Eluveitie, Opeth)
-  Cover artwork by Zsofia Dankova (Powerwolf)
- ELVENKING are one of Europe’s leading and genre-defining acts, known for their unique, characteristic sound

18.05.2019 - IT - Torri Di Quartesolo |  01.06.2019 - CZ - Pilsen | 02.06.2019 - IT - Osasco | 21.06.2019 - DE - Duisburg | 05.07.2019 - DE - Ballenstedt | 06.07.2019 - DE - Nordheim | 18.07.2019 - DE - Fritzlar | 17.08.2019 - SE - Falun | 23.08.2019 - IT - Povoletto | 30.11.2019 - UK - Sheffield |

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